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Scotch Whisky

Scottish whiskies are among the world’s most revered spirits. There are varying styles, though all can be delectable masterworks in their own right. Some are flavoured heavily by peat and smoke, others are light and fruity. Coastal whiskies are often flavoured by the sea and a refined salinity can be found. There is always a sweetness; sometimes in omnipresence, sometimes lurking in the substrata.

The profusion of Scotch whisky distilleries is such that it is difficult, and unwise, to make broad generalisations. To truly master the subject, one must first embark on a lifetime’s journey – a journey of knowledge, history and experience.

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American Bourbon

What began as a way for dirt-poor early American farmers to scratch a living from their fields has become one of the world’s great drinks. Kentucky Straight Bourbon has survived temperance, Prohibition and war, all the time refining its character and now enjoying a long-awaited renaissance.

In the years leading up to independence, farming was tough in America. But some farmers in Pennsylvania and Maryland hit upon an idea: turn their excess grain crop into whiskey, which was easier to keep, trade and transport – and made more money. Whiskey distillation became a thriving business.

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