Elitewhisky.com has been founded in 2019 as a family run business. We have however been active for almost a decade as private collectors, investors, and lovers of whisky and bourbon. Fueled by our own private collection as well as a strong network of third party collectors, investors and institutions, our main goal is to provide quality whisky to the public.

In a world where marketing and hype have been the main factors driving the price of whisky up in the last decade, we continuously choose to focus on quality of the spirit rather than marketing. Due to the deteriorating quality of casks, lack of age statements and many other shortcuts in the whisky making process, genuine quality has unfortunately become scarce. Therefore our philosophy is simple: quality above all.

We are proud to translate our philosophy in the range of products we have to offer. We strongly focus on single cask whisky, whisky with an age statement, and whisky with a proven track record when it comes to quality. This means that the whisky we have on offer will largely be from a bygone era, no longer available through regular retail channels.

Selling your whisky

Are you a collector looking to sell your whisky? Feel free to contact our customer service department. We are happy to take a look at your collection to see if we can come to a purchasing agreement. We guarantee fair pricing on par with auction and will arrange pickup in person.



Are you looking for a reliable partner to stock your bar or hotel, or select a range of quality whisky or bourbon for your own collection? Please get in contact with us to discuss possibilities. We have developed in-depth knowledge on customer wants and needs through many years of private and public tutored tastings and are confident that we can assist you in selecting a suitable range of whisky for your business.

We are also available to host private or business whisky tastings on request. We will customize the tasting to meet your specific need: Whether this is an introduction to whisky for people who are relatively new to the spirit, or the whisky connoisseur with many years of experience. Please get in contact with us to discuss your specific requirements.